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About me


My name is Sergio Martinez Hernandez and I was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas. I am the oldest out of four and based in the metro Atlanta area where I grew up.  Life was pretty simple and straight forward until my 30th birthday when I had to get emergency open heart surgery. After that I couldn't go back to my normal life as a Handyman/Linecook anymore. It was during my recovery from endocarditis and open heart surgery that my wife encouraged me to pick up a pen and paper and do what I love to do best. Not long after that, I saw the power my art had and the amount of love it was receiving from extended friends and family around the world.  Unfortunately, in December of 2022, I fell ill with endocarditis once again. I know I am lucky to be alive. This time, my recovery has many more restrictions. In a post COVID world, my compromised immune system requires more isolation and a lot more preventative care. Any infection could be fatal for me.  As I continue my recovery, It feels like the right time to finally start a whole new chapter in my life and see what the future holds for both my self and my art. 


And with that being said... 



Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better and

please feel free to leave a comment or a request at anytime! 

I really appreciate your love and support!

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